Social Risk Intelligence™ for healthier communities, optimal business performance and health equity.

Up to 80% of people's health outcomes are tied to systemic social risk factors like economic strain, food insecurity and transportation barriers. But many organizations don’t have a clear view of how these social determinants of health affect costs, utilization and quality measure attainment or patient health outcomes.

Through our partnership with Socially Determined, DataGen offers:

  • SocialScape®, the industry's first Social Risk Intelligence™ platform. This industry-leading geospatially-rendered analytics platform helps healthcare associations understand how their members are impacted by the social determinants of health. Insights can help associations design programs to strategically address the needs within their membership.
  • Social Risk Analytics Consulting. With DataGen’s services, any provider can combine Socially Determined’s social risk metrics with other healthcare data to generate deeper insights into a community or individual’s health profile. DataGen analyzes and interprets the data to give you a customized view into who’s impacted, why it’s important and what actions you can take to improve health outcomes.

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