Execute your CHNA with new insights in mind

Form conclusions based on 300 metrics from seven different domains across social determinants, demographic and healthcare metrics — all generated by our team of experienced population health analysts and extensive data from top-tier health organizations. Get your time back and turn conclusions into meaningful community-centric interventions.

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Support that’s there from start to finish

  • Get unlimited CHNA model guidance.
  • Receive recommendations to improve your CHNA, including potential collaborative partners.
  • Get insight on the best analyses to demonstrate impact to leadership and your community.
  • Request assistance in writing your CHNA report.

Stay compliant — down to the final report

If you’re a not-for-profit hospital, a comprehensive CHNA is required to maintain 501(c)3 status. However, if you don’t have a researcher or onsite analyst available, completing your CHNA can be a massive undertaking. That’s where DataGen’s experienced population health analysts can help. Let us do the work for you, so you can get expert-level data that goes far beyond what’s available to the public.

DataGen Community Health Needs Assessment CHNA report


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  • Community and Market Planning
  • Alternative Payment Models
  • Medicare Fee-for-Service Policy Analytics
  • Care Delivery/Quality
  • Revenue Cycle Tools
  • Medical Practice Consulting
  • Custom Solutions
  • CHA Advantage

    CHA Advantage

    Eliminate the overwhelming chore of juggling tasks, gathering data and crafting a final Community Health Assessment report with DataGen’s CHA Advantage™. Our customizable templates, reliable analytics and team of expert analysts make creating well-informed decisions about your community a breeze. Complete your CHA and prepare for Public Health Accreditation Board certification without breaking a sweat.

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  • CHNA Advantage™

    CHNA Advantage™

    Save time and resources with DataGen’s CHNA Advantage™. Our solution streamlines the Community Health Needs Assessment process, allowing you to easily access and analyze the data you need. Say goodbye to manual labor and coordination across departments. Focus on your core mission while we help you complete your CHNA, stress-free.

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  • Health Equity Impact Assessment

    Health Equity Impact Assessment

    Effectively demonstrate how your facility will enhance health equity using hassle-free, high-performance quantitative data. Our comprehensive analytic tools will help your independent entity or Article 28 facility get the insights it needs to fulfill the Health Equity Impact Assessment. Take the burden of collecting these figures off your hands and complete this part of your CON application.

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  • Market and Referral Pattern Analyses

    Market and Referral Pattern Analyses

    Leave behind costly, time-consuming methods and complicated metrics – simplify your market assessment with DataGen’s Market and Referral Pattern Analyses. DataGen’s partnership with Sg2, leveraging Sg2 MarketEdge’s robust suite of tools, offers a comprehensive view of the New York market. Analyze historic utilization and demographic data quickly and gain valuable insights for strategic planning.

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  • SDOH | SocialScape®

    SDOH | SocialScape®

    Harness the power of social determinants of health with DataGen’s partnership with SocialScape®. Discover how social factors can impact cost, utilization and quality measures within your organization. Say goodbye to insufficient data and hello to meaningful interventions. With our premium SDOH data and social risk analytics consulting, you can make informed decisions for better population health and business performance.

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  • Accountable Care Organization

    Accountable Care Organization

    Unlock the potential of your healthcare data with DataGen’s ACO solution. Quickly gain access to expert-analyzed metrics that will help you make informed decisions, understand trends, assess risk and measure progress toward value-based care goals. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities for improvement — trust DataGen to deliver accurate and reliable insights.

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  • Bundled Payments | BPCIA

    Bundled Payments | BPCIA

    Stay ahead in the ever-changing world of healthcare with DataGen’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced solution. Our real-time data insights empower organizations to make cost-reducing decisions that improve patient care and financial performance. Our robust reporting platform enables you to turn key metrics into meaningful change, unlocking a system-wide win for your patients and your budget.

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  • Comprehensive Care | CJR

    Comprehensive Care | CJR

    Optimize outcomes and ensure financial stability with DataGen’s Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement solution. Our comprehensive analytics platform offers deep insight into volume, expenditures and utilization. Gain essential insights that will positively impact your population and bottom line, enabling you to provide higher-quality care while avoiding revenue losses.

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  • Kidney Care Choices

    Kidney Care Choices

    Stay ahead of the game in managing kidney disease. Get the guidance you need to navigate the complexities of value-based care, ensuring you never miss out on incentives or lose revenue due to mistakes. With our comprehensive analytics platform, limitless performance monitoring and expert healthcare professionals, you’ll have the tools to help you succeed in this model and beyond.

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  • Enhancing Oncology Model

    Enhancing Oncology Model

    Managing regulatory changes and payment dynamics while delivering high-quality care can be challenging. Stay ahead of the curve with DataGen’s EOM solution. Our comprehensive analytics platform offers the tools you need to track and report data effortlessly, without compromising care quality. Gain valuable insight into your practice’s finances and patient outcomes, while receiving expert support from healthcare data specialists.

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  • Primary Care First

    Primary Care First

    Simplify healthcare data management and prioritize patient-centered care with DataGen’s PCF solution. Stay on top of performance goals and ensure high-quality care for your patients. Our analytics platform offers valuable resources for optimizing your PCF model, accessing superior metrics and monitoring performance over time.

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  • Making Care Primary

    Making Care Primary

    If your primary care practice is struggling with the shift to value-based care, DataGen has you covered. Our comprehensive MCP solution simplifies overwhelming data and provides you with unlimited hands-on assistance and consultations from healthcare data experts. Never waste your time or resources again. Focus on what matters most: your patients.

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  • Financial/Operational


    Constant regulation updates and emerging trends can leave hospitals wondering whether they are hitting targets. Gain a clear and concise comparative view of financial and operational metrics, enabling you to benchmark your facility and identify areas of improvement. Don’t let lack of visibility put your facility at risk — increase business performance and stay ahead of the competition today.

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  • Legislative Analyses

    Legislative Analyses

    Don’t let the complexities of Medicare policy changes and potential cuts overwhelm you. DataGen’s legislative analyses remove the guesswork and minimize stress in advocacy efforts. Review major Medicare policy changes before and after they take effect by creating easy-to-understand analyses that help you advocate, adjust and strategize accordingly.

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  • Medicare FFS Quality Suite

    Medicare FFS Quality Suite

    Sick of unreliable data causing costly errors in your healthcare decisions? DataGen’s Medicare Fee-for-Service Quality Suite has you covered. Our comprehensive analytics platform provides accurate Medicare metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions. Transform those insights into meaningful reports for continuous quality improvement. Say goodbye to the headache of untrustworthy data and hello to confident decision-making.

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  • PPS Annual Regulatory Rules

    PPS Annual Regulatory Rules

    Don’t let confusing regulations and a lack of time hold you back. Stay ahead of the game with DataGen’s Prospective Payment System Annual Regulatory Rules solution. Our expert insights enable providers to more effectively advocate, budget, plan changes to payment and workflow and educate key stakeholders. Let us handle the complexities so you can focus on reaching maximum profitability.

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  • Culture of Safety Insights

    Culture of Safety Insights

    By themselves, your Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS®) are just surveys. Get the insights you need to do more with your results — continually improve your scores, secure your reputation and transform your organization. Don’t settle for simple survey results. Harness data that improves the safety of your staff and patients with DataGen’s CSI solution.

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  • Data Quality Analytics and Measures

    Data Quality Analytics and Measures

    Simplify data analysis and uncover valuable insights with DataGen’s Data Quality Analytics and Measures. No more wasting time or feeling overwhelmed — our platform consolidates information on key quality-based measures including hospital-acquired conditions, infections and avoidable events in easy-to-understand reports. Compare your performance to other providers, pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance patient care with confidence.

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  • Medicare FFS Quality Suite

    Medicare FFS Quality Suite

    Sick of unreliable data causing costly errors in your healthcare decisions? DataGen’s Medicare Fee-for-Service Quality Suite has you covered. Our comprehensive analytics platform provides accurate Medicare metrics that allow you to make informed decisions. Transform insights into meaningful reports for continuous quality improvement. Forget the headache of untrustworthy data and enjoy confident decision-making.

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  • Value-based Care Consulting

    Value-based Care Consulting

    Turn the challenge of succeeding in a value-based care model into a victory. Rely on DataGen’s team of experts to create a sustainable system that helps maximize reimbursement and earns recognition for your practice. Start your journey toward high-quality patient-centered care and long-lasting success.

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  • Revenue Cycle Tools

    Revenue Cycle Tools

    Navigating healthcare’s complex world of coding and payment requirements can be a struggle. The risk of submitting inaccurate data is constant — and the consequences are severe. In partnership with Nuance, DataGen’s revenue cycle tools are designed for hospitals and health systems to ensure accurate coding compliance, boost coder productivity and instill trust in your healthcare information..

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  • HIM Coding | Nuance

    HIM Coding | Nuance

    Through our exclusive partnership with Nuance, DataGen is the only New York institution that offers its web-based, enterprise-wide medical coding and compliance solutions. Designed solely for hospitals and health systems, access all the tools you need within a single platform to manage and monitor complex coding challenges. Improve your workflow, enhance coder productivity, ensure accurate coding compliance and instill trust in your healthcare information.

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  • SPARCS Submissions | UDS

    SPARCS Submissions | UDS

    Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System compliance is a burden for many New York state healthcare facilities. Never worry about manual errors or missed deadlines again with DataGen’s UDS solution. Our web-based software guarantees complete accuracy with automated formatting, syncing, error detection and submission. Stay compliant with New York state guidelines while freeing up your staff’s time and resources.

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  • Medical Practice Consulting

    Medical Practice Consulting

    Tackle the challenges and demands of the healthcare industry with DataGen’s medical practice consulting services. Get expert advice and hands-on assistance to stay ahead of ever-changing healthcare regulations, guidelines and policies to ensure you are in compliance with industry standards. Achieve and sustain NCQA’s accreditations and recognitions like PCMH, PCSP, HEA and HEA+ and deliver quality care that exceeds expectations.

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  • Federal Legislative Tracker

    Federal Legislative Tracker

    End the laborious task of monitoring healthcare legislation and leveraging policy position data. Simplify and streamline your advocacy efforts with DataGen’s interactive platform. Follow bill status and roll call voting patterns, track essential policy positions, access quick federal bill summaries and more. Advance your priorities and engage legislators with up-to-date information — all at your fingertips.

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  • Federal Litigation Tracker

    Federal Litigation Tracker

    You need a litigation solution that works for your association’s specific needs. Leverage DataGen’s interactive platform to better equip your advocacy efforts. Easily visualize the timeline of events and movement of key litigation issues through federal courts, track organization-specific actions and resources, access details of date-specific court rulings and actions, explore policy priorities under litigation and more.

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