Challenged by your Community Health Assessment for your Department of Health’s accreditation?

Completing your CHA can be challenging under the best of circumstances, as:

  • collaborating with community partners takes time;
  • surveying the community is challenging;
  • finding and analyzing your data is complex; and
  • putting it all together means having the right people in place.

CHA Advantage — as close to a stress-free CHA as you can get.

DataGen’s CHA Advantage is a time-saving solution that supports the assessment objectives of Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP*) and PHAB’s** Domain 1 standards. It offers:

  • a streamlined process;
  • clear guidance for collaboration;
  • a customizable survey template;
  • analyses of multiple data sets, including health outcomes, health behaviors and social determinates of health, all at the ZIP-code level;
  • recommendations for additional data sources, measurement and partnering;
  • easily imported charts; and
  • template content for the final CHA written report.

* MAPP is a strategic planning process created by the National Association of City and County Health Officers
** Public Health Accreditation Board

Everything you need in one place.

No more scrambling to find data. Our hospital expertise and comprehensive data sets put everything you need in one place. We’ll guide you through the whole process — so you can concentrate on the interventions that make a difference in your community.

No researcher or onsite analyst? No problem.

You can only wear so many hats. With CHA Advantage, you’ll have access to DataGen’s team of experienced population health analysts — and data that goes far beyond what’s available to the public.

Sample of data elements licensed from Socially Determined.

View full list of data sources

There with you at each step.

We’ll walk you through the entire process and provide recommendations on what types of partners to collaborate with, what to measure and which analysis demonstrates your impact.

Need help writing the report? We can do that too.

Download sample documents

Achieve accreditation.

If you’re a local or state department of health, you know a comprehensive CHA is essential for PHAB accreditation. Our complete suite of checklists will keep you on track for accreditation.

Let’s talk details.

Ready to see how CHA Advantage can simplify your CHA? Our team will walk you through with a free consultation specific to your organization’s needs. Leave your name and email and we’ll be in touch!

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