DataGen combines industry and analytic expertise to solve the unique issues our clients face. We offer price comparisons, economic benefit analyses and market insight. With our policy experts and knowledge of healthcare data, we develop customized analyses of population health and ambulatory surgery trends, healthcare service market penetration and health outcomes.

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We offer

  • Federal Legislative Tracker

    With near-time advocacy support and an interactive interface, our Federal Legislative Tracker will help you advocate more effectively and work more efficiently. See where legislators stand on priority issues, keep your team on the same page and hold legislators’ feet to the fire.

    View what bills and letters legislators sponsor or support, access quick summaries of federal bills and letters and see a geographic breakdown of what hospitals are represented by which legislators — all within our mobile-friendly, web-based interface.

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  • Federal Litigation Tracker

    Illustrate your policy priorities under litigation, explore background of policy issues, organize court rulings and actions and access near-time organization-specific action with our Federal Litigation Tracker. Keep your legal and advocacy teams on the same page with this mobile-friendly, interactive tool.

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