Benchmark your facility’s performance against other providers and state or national targets with DataGen’s comparative view of financial and operational metrics. Using data to know where you stand can help guide decisions on the future of your facility.

How do you measure up?

Outpatient Analyses

The Outpatient Prospective Payment System Observation and Emergency Department Utilization analysis provides a comparative review of Medicare fee-for-service outpatient observation and emergency department (ED with admission, ED with observation and ED without observation) visits trended over years. Understanding your ED level distribution is critical. Our analyses can also help you meet your auditing and compliance needs.

Wage Index and Occupational Mix Data Analyses

Medicare Hospital Wage Index and Occupational Mix Data analyses provide hospitals with a comparative review of the wage and occupational mix data that will be used to develop the Medicare hospital wage index. This analysis is released three times per year with preliminary, revised and final data. Wage Index Reclassification analyses allow hospitals to test their potential ability to obtain a Medicare hospital wage index reclassification.

Post-acute Care Transfer Policy Analyses

Post-acute Care Transfer Policy analyses demonstrate the estimated impact PACT adjustment policies have on Medicare inpatient FFS payments. We’ll help you understand your discharge data and evaluate if and how premature discharges have occurred — so you can make informed decisions to address any issues.

Financial Indicators Analyses

Financial indicators analyses provide all-payer comparative financial ratios and metrics for hospitals relative to various benchmark groups for 12 financial ratios. The financial ratios are calculated using standard accepted formulas, as defined by various ratings agencies. The model includes a dictionary with calculation instructions and data for each of these indicators. With key financial metrics at your fingertips, you can perform quick performance analyses without the heavy data lift.

Medicare Margins Analyses

Fee-for-service Medicare Margins analyses show trends in Medicare margins over the last 10 years. The margins are shown graphically for hospitals and for various comparison groups. Medicare margins are shown for: inpatient, outpatient, Graduate Medical Education, psychiatric unit, rehabilitation unit, skilled nursing unit, home health agency and swing beds. Advocate smarter with data to back you up. These analyses indicate facility-specific under-reimbursement by Medicare.

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