Health Equity Impact Assessment

Hassle-free, high-performance quantitative data

  • Identify medically underserved populations in your primary and secondary service areas.
  • Estimate the benefits of your CON project within your service area.
  • Obtain quantitative analyses to help respond to New York state CON requirements.
  • Work with an experienced, trusted analytics team and save resources.

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Health Equity Impact Assessment DataGen UDS

Get the data you need to amplify your voice

Effectively demonstrate how your facility will enhance health equity.

Hospital reviewing HEIA data to discuss at medically underserved populations

Independent entities’ key to unleashed analytics

DataGen acts as a strong partner to independent entities to fulfill analytic sections of the Health Equity Impact Assessment. We’ll handle the quantitative data and analyses, so you can maximize the insights you receive — and take the burden of collecting these figures off your hands.

Article 28 facilities’ last piece of the puzzle

Have you identified an organization to serve as an independent entity for your CON HEIA? DataGen partners with independent entities to fulfill analytics related to the HEIA. We can help you make the connection to complete this part of your CON application.

Independent entity going over health equity impact assessment part of their CON
Healthcare data analyst reviewing public health accessibility and delivery data

Add another analyst to your team

Rely on DataGen’s team of healthcare experts to easily complete the analytics part of the HEIA. When you work with us, you’ll harness comprehensive demographic and market share data and interpretations to help build the HEIA.


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