Healthcare leaders face a complex problem — how to create short- to mid-term plans while making progress on long-term goals in an ever-changing market. That’s where we come in.

Our innovative mix of tools and data combine traditional analysis with resources designed to uncover growth opportunities, measure the value you deliver to your community and assess your current position to assume more risk or implement a population health management model.

We offer

  • Market Profiling and Utilization Trends

    DataGen’s market-based analyses help providers understand market trends through utilization of services, diagnoses, location and provider types and forecast market changes based on market dynamics.

  • SocialScape® in partnership with Socially Determined

    SocialScape®, in partnership with Socially Determined, precisely defines the highest concentrations of social risk to help focus programmatic opportunities to drive results. DataGen’s analytics further enrich these insights, combining community-risk data with other datasets to give you a customized view of who’s impacted, why it’s important and what actions you can take to improve health outcomes.

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  • Transitions of Care Analysis

    Effective transitions of patients from one healthcare setting to another are critical to avoid adverse events and excess expenditures. DataGen’s inpatient and post-acute care analyses help providers understand their performance on key outcome measures and offer meaningful benchmarks for comparison.

  • Economic Benefit Analyses

    Hospitals and health systems have a huge impact on the communities they serve. From jobs created to total economic benefit, these reports identify and measure the direct involvement of healthcare organizations on their local economy as well as the ripple effect of the organization on the community.

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We offer analyses on the following programs

CHA Advantage

Take the stress out of completing your Community Health Assessment with DataGen’s CHA Advantage. Learn more

CHNA Advantage™

Take the stress out of completing your Community Health Needs Assessment with DataGen’s CHNA Advantage. Learn more

Market and Referral Pattern Analyses (New York state only)

In a strategic partnership with Sg2, a leading analytics solutions provider, DataGen offers the Sg2 Analytics portfolio of analytics solutions which provides a comprehensive view of your market, competitive position and growth opportunities to guide strategic planning efforts. Learn more

Grant Programs

Don’t let the need for analytics stand in the way of a grant opportunity.

Our data support spans projects at the federal, state and local levels and includes analysis of publicly available and program administered survey data; calculation of quality, utilization and population health improvement measures from administrative claims data; and creation of data reports for grantor, grantee and participating organizations.