Know your market. Grow your market.

Struggling to get a comprehensive view of your market, competitive position and growth opportunities to guide your strategic planning?

DataGen’s partnership with Sg2, leveraging Sg2 MarketEdge’s robust suite of tools, helps you understand your health system’s position in the New York market by analyzing historic utilization and demographic data based on user-defined specifications, geographies and hospitals.

Make better decisions, faster.

  • Strategically decide where to invest to maintain or increase your market share.
  • Understand physician loyalty and how to align with physicians in a particular market.
  • Look at network growth and overall healthcare patterns.

Identify growth and qualify potential merger opportunities.

Easily compare your service and product lines to your competitors. Get results that matter for sustainable, equitable growth.

Support your Certificate of Need process.

We give you the necessary data to provide the services your community needs. Get the supporting details to say, "We’re not just doing this to do it. Our community needs this here."

Identify outmigration.

Get industry-leading intelligence to help formulate your health system’s strategy. Better understand what care your community needs, why patients are seeking care in other areas and how your system can fill those gaps in care.

Understand patient flow through your system and identify leakage.

Assess your current position with advanced forecasting and real-time data. Anticipate trends and gain unparalleled insight into market dynamics.

Get a comprehensive view of your inpatient and outpatient services in a fraction of the time.

Sg2 MarketEdge offers a proprietary grouping methodology that normalizes your data from across the care continuum by grouping clinical codes from a disease-based approach into Service Lines and Care Families. Upload your data and Sg2 organizes it for you!

Inpatient or outpatient? How about both. Tie clinical codes together in a way that gives you the full picture of your services.

See claims data from a variety of payers

Understand exactly how physician groups are meeting the needs of their community and the bottom line. See if they are sending patients to competitors or missing opportunities to keep them within your system.

Outstanding customer service. Outstanding price.

DataGen provides an added layer of customer service and preferred pricing through our partnership with Sg2!

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More than 30 years of SPARCS data knowledge.

As part of the Healthcare Association of New York State, DataGen offers:

  • more than 30 years of Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System data expertise; and
  • street-level knowledge of New York state’s hospitals and health systems.

DataGen’s partnership with Sg2 MarketEdge is the best way for Article 28 facilities in New York state to understand their market position and identify growth opportunities through expanded claims data, clinical code grouping, SPARCS data experience and outstanding customer service.

Are you ready to grow?

Our team can’t wait to help you sift through the data to make faster and better-informed strategic decisions now and as you position yourself in the future. Leave your name and email and we’ll be in touch!

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