Understanding your organization’s performance metrics at facility, state and system levels is vital to your success. Our tools and analyses give you the data and context you need to help your hospital or health system deliver continuous quality improvement while meeting your financial priorities.

Our experts translate state and federal healthcare policy, making it easy for you to understand your requirements and their impact on your facility.

We offer

  • Medicare Fee-for-service Policy Analytics

    We apply our policy and analytics expertise to solve critical issues facing state hospital associations and multi-state health systems. Our detailed payment policy analyses and summaries keep you updated on Medicare payment changes that impact your facility.

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  • Baseline Episode Selection for Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced

    We work with providers across the country as they consider participation in the BPCI Advanced and original models. With DataGen’s baseline analysis and consultation, episode initiators can better understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement when evaluating which bundles are the best fit.

  • Opportunity Analysis for Bundled Payments

    Providers need a deep understanding of their population before considering participation in an alternative payment model or alignment with providers who have at-risk arrangements. DataGen simulates episodes of care for every healthcare provider in the country to help them understand volume, expenditures and utilization in an episode framework for BPCIA and CJR programs.

  • Performance Period Monitoring for Alternate Payment Model

    We work with providers across the country participating in alternative payment models. DataGen provides key insight and consultation to help hospitals, health systems, post-acute and other healthcare providers evaluate new programs and monitor how effectively their strategies are working to ensure financial stability and high quality care.

  • Population Health and Care Transformation

    To drive care transformation, providers must understand where utilization is occurring, identify who their high-performing partners are and evaluate population by risk profile. Our platforms offer insight to help providers achieve these goals and improve outcomes for populations across the continuum of care.

  • Transitions of Care Analysis

    Effective transitions of patients from one healthcare setting to another are critical to avoid adverse events and excess expenditures. DataGen’s inpatient and post-acute care analyses help providers understand their performance on key outcome measures and offer meaningful benchmarks for comparison.

  • Economic Benefit Analyses

    Hospitals and health systems have a huge impact on the communities they serve. From jobs created to total economic benefit, these reports identify and measure the direct involvement of healthcare organizations on their local economy as well as the ripple effect of the organization on the community.

  • SPARCS Submissions (New York state only)

    UIS Data System™ keeps pace with important changes to Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System data submission requirements ensuring quality and accuracy of data collected. More than just SPARCS data submission editing – UDS is a central data repository for trending and mining clinical data and provides on-demand reporting.

  • Federal Legislative Tracker

    With near-time advocacy support and an interactive interface, our Federal Legislative Tracker will help you advocate more effectively and work more efficiently. See where legislators stand on priority issues, keep your team on the same page and hold legislators’ feet to the fire.

    View what bills and letters legislators sponsor or support, access quick summaries of federal bills and letters and see a geographic breakdown of what hospitals are represented by which legislators — all within our mobile-friendly, web-based interface.

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  • Federal Litigation Tracker

    Illustrate your policy priorities under litigation, explore background of policy issues, organize court rulings and actions and access near-time organization-specific action with our Federal Litigation Tracker. Keep your legal and advocacy teams on the same page with this mobile-friendly, interactive tool.

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  • SocialScape® in partnership with Socially Determined

    SocialScape®, in partnership with Socially Determined, precisely defines the highest concentrations of social risk to help focus programmatic opportunities to drive results. DataGen’s analytics further enrich these insights, combining community-risk data with other datasets to give you a customized view of who’s impacted, why it’s important and what actions you can take to improve health outcomes.

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  • Quality Measures (New York state only)

    Nuance Quality Measures simplifies core measures abstraction and submission for both manually abstracted and electronic clinical quality measures. It helps reduce time‐consuming abstraction tasks and support requirements with automatic file transmission and identification of patients who fall into core measures categories.

    Nuance Performance Analytics incorporates the latest regulatory, payment and reporting rules to provide comprehensive, customizable options to help analyze risks and identify improvement opportunities.

  • Market Profiling and Utilization Trends

    DataGen’s market-based analyses help providers understand market trends through utilization of services, diagnoses, location and provider types and forecast market changes based on market dynamics.

  • Market Profiling and Utilization Trends in New York State

    For New York state providers, DataGen partners with Sg2 Analytics to provide a vast library of intelligence resources combining actionable, near-term insight with future-focused research, including visualization of utilization and market data from the SPARCS dataset.

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