DataGen UDS:
Automated SPARCS Data Submission

Stop losing precious staffing hours to SPARCS workflow

Just because you or your SPARCS coordinator has the title doesn’t mean they have the hours. Free up your team’s time with web-based software that automates formatting, syncing, error sweeping and submission to the Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System.

Used in over 120 New York state hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to achieve 100% accuracy.

Get back my team’s hours

Are you in a freestanding ambulatory
surgery center?

Most ASCs don’t realize that New York state requires you to submit 100% of your patient data, just as they require it from hospitals.

Are you in a New York state

You could be wasting time fixing SPARCS errors from your EHR and HIM systems.

Never watch your time get eaten up with SPARCS formatting
and submitting ever again

Thousands of patient records a month.
Hundreds of new codes every quarter.
Your entire facility depends on the accuracy of your work.

And you’re supposed to keep up with every change New York state makes to SPARCS regulations?
Not when you have a system to take care of it for you.

UDS (UIS Data System™) is a web-based SPARCS compliance solution that edits and reports data on all inpatient,
ambulatory surgery, emergency department and clinic activity.
UDS is the most widely used SPARCS submission tool in the State of New York.

Join over 120 New York state hospitals and ASCs and...

  • Automate your SPARCS data submission
  • Get back your time
  • Get 100% submission
  • And get 100% accuracy

Get 100% accuracy automated

Automate your SPARCS data submissions
with 100% completion and accuracy

Here’s how:

SPARCS data collection and submission — all automated

UDS automates almost the entire SPARCS entry, correction and formatting process, including:

  • formatting inpatient, outpatient, emergency department and ambulatory surgery data for SPARCS;
  • exporting and maintaining files via SFTP; and
  • submitting files to SPARCS every week.

Tedious edits done for you

UDS automatically corrects:

  • Zip code, county and state
  • payer typology/claim filing indicator
  • codes that are exempt from present-on-admission reporting; and
  • many more!

Hundreds of new codes — updated for you

  • The American Medical Association released over 400 new Current Procedural Terminology codes in 2022.
  • The FDA releases new National Drug Code updates daily.
  • The CDC releases nearly 1,000 ICD-10 codes annually.

These updates are randomly integrated into SPARCS.
With UDS, you won’t have to address code updates for your SPARCS submissions. Our software includes the most up-to-date codes.

Errors that need your attention are flagged for you

You need to know when a record needs more than just a Zip code fix.

Here’s how UDS helps with that:

  • It automatically flags errors that require your attention.
  • UDS puts the edits in an easy-to-read format.
  • It generates a list of errors so you can tackle them all at once.

And UDS submits all the correct records every week so you can avoid a backlog.

Get your SPARCS data automated
Get 100% completion and accuracy

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Here’s what some HIMs are saying about using UDS

The amount of time we spend on SPARCS reports has decreased from two weeks to 15 minutes!

Antony Chang, MBA
Director Information Technology
Gramercy Surgery

UDS allows me to focus on other things. I highly recommend it.

Jennifer Pagan
Heritage One Day Surgery Center

It could not be more user-friendly.

Jennifer Franze
SPARCS Coordinator
UPMC Chautauqua Hospital

Avoid the SODs
Win your CONs

When you receive a Statement of Deficiency from the New York State Department of Health, it goes on your facility’s public record.

And when it’s time to expand and submit your Certificate of Need, you may be delayed because of delinquent SPARCS records.

Stay compliant with SPARCS every month and avoid the delays, the embarrassment and the mad data entry fire drill.

How long will it take to get
our data into UDS?

Our dedicated team can work with your facility no matter what EMR or billing system you use.

Even if you have up to two years of delinquent data, we can get ALL your SPARCS data into UDS in less than a week.

Get your SPARCS data automated
Get 100% completion and accuracy

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