Feel confident your submissions are SPARCS 100% Done with UDS

SPARCS data submission requirements have changed dramatically. UIS Data System™ keeps pace with regulation changes to ensure that your submissions are accurate and complete.

With UDS, you’ll be confident your submissions are SPARCS 100% Done.

Get your submission right the first time

UDS is a web-based SPARCS compliance solution that edits and reports data on all inpatient, ambulatory surgery, emergency department and clinic activity. UDS ensures the quality and accuracy of data collected — data used by a variety of regulatory agencies to monitor volumes, set rates and evaluate quality care.

UDS does not require additional software or IT involvement. Ongoing product development and updates to UDS ensure that provider-client data are SPARCS 100% Done. Thousands of test submissions enable us to closely track how the SPARCS edits are changing. If a case passes the SPARCS edits in UDS, it will be accepted by SPARCS.

How it works

Collection, automation and submission — all in one place:

  • UDS edits inpatient and outpatient data to submit to SPARCS;
  • can collect and submit Birth Defects Registry data; and
  • improves efficiency of the SPARCS submission process by:
    • uploading files via SFTP or encrypted email;
    • automating the processing of SPARCS data; and
    • submitting files to SPARCS on your behalf.

Improved data accuracy:

  • UDS automatically adjusts:
    • ZIP code/county/state;
    • payer typology/claim filing indicator; and
    • codes that are exempt from present-on-admission reporting.

Simplified record editing:

  • UDS automatically imports and exports the data, noting which records pass and flagging those that require attention;
  • generates and saves a list of records that need further attention;
  • produces edits in easily understood language; and
  • automatically submits all passing records to SPARCS monthly.

Trusted for more than 30 years

Ongoing product development and superior customer service and support have made UDS the most widely used SPARCS data submission tool by New York hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. We’ve spent 30 years working with New York state healthcare providers to successfully submit data to SPARCS. Let us help you.