Your patients and consumers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are our analytics. We’ll help you understand the diverse populations you serve so you can best meet their needs.

Our advanced analytics can be customized to meet your exact specifications, providing insights to help you understand top trends in your market and across your patient population.

We offer

  • Opportunity Analysis for Bundled Payments

    Providers need a deep understanding of their population before considering participation in an alternative payment model or alignment with providers who have at-risk arrangements. DataGen simulates episodes of care for every healthcare provider in the country to help them understand volume, expenditures and utilization in an episode framework for BPCIA and CJR programs.

  • Market Profiling and Utilization Trends

    DataGen’s market-based analyses help providers understand market trends through utilization of services, diagnoses, location and provider types and forecast market changes based on market dynamics.

  • Transitions of Care Analysis

    Effective transitions of patients from one healthcare setting to another are critical to avoid adverse events and excess expenditures. DataGen’s inpatient and post-acute care analyses help providers understand their performance on key outcome measures and offer meaningful benchmarks for comparison.

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