You have tons of goals — but limited resources.

Our tools and analyses give you the information you need to make strategic choices about resource allocation, helping you reach your goals and meet the needs of your community.

Our analyses profile market dynamics and performance of your grant programs helping you identify health disparities, design prevention programs and develop a robust strategic assessment of the community you serve — helping you improve quality of care and reduce costs.

We offer

  • Market Profiling and Utilization Trends

    DataGen’s market-based analyses help providers understand market trends through utilization of services, diagnoses, location and provider types and forecast market changes based on market dynamics.

  • SocialScape® in partnership with Socially Determined

    SocialScape®, in partnership with Socially Determined, precisely defines the highest concentrations of social risk to help focus programmatic opportunities to drive results. DataGen’s analytics further enrich these insights, combining community-risk data with other datasets to give you a customized view of who’s impacted, why it’s important and what actions you can take to improve health outcomes.

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  • Grant-related Analytics

    Grantors, grantees and participating organizations need to be sure their programs fulfill legal requirements and meet the needs of the communities they serve. Our reports help you develop your program goals and then analyze your performance to help you meet them.

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