BPCI Advanced – What You Should Know

April 27, 2018


Bundled programs. Should you be participating?

Having loads of data is not enough to answer this. Getting benchmark data seems to be the key, but can be answering the wrong questions.

With BPCI Advanced, comparing yourself against other regional hospitals can only tell you how you are performing overall. Since this program is based on historical baselines, it is much more important to view your own episode cost compositions to identify potential efficiencies.

For example, let’s look at Hospital A. Almost all patients are going to HHA care and about half of patients to either SNF or inpatient rehabilitation. On top of  a significant number of readmissions. This hospital has high costs in almost every category, with significant opportunities for care redesign that leads to cost reductions.

This second hospital already has an efficient baseline and would perform much poorly in BPCI Advanced in this episode type, as there is much less room for care improvement.

Participation in BPCI Advanced or other bundled programs requires attention to an important set of data analytics. To learn more about how DataGen can help with Bundled Payment Programs and analyzing your data, please contact us today at