Using predictive analytics to succeed in BPCI Advanced

Meet Tina, a program manager at a large health system participating in BPCIA. She used to worry about being blindsided by an unexpected reconciliation from CMS would leave her system with a financial loss—but no more. That’s because she’s making use of DataGen’s suite of predictive analytics to help her stay ahead of potential issues. […]

BPCI Advanced Episode Selection

 Financial success in BPCI Advanced depends on outperforming risk-adjusted historical data for specific episodes. Have you crunched your numbers? Our video gives some key tips and insights on setting yourself up for success in the program.  

BPCI Advanced Consultation One on One Advice

Understanding how to select the right episodes and prepare for success in BPCI Advanced can be an incredibly challenging task. DataGen analysts are here to help with one-one-one consults. Reach out to us today to learn more.

BPCI Advanced – What You Should Know

In BPCI Advanced, having lots of data isn’t as important as having the right kind of data. Learn what to look for in this video, and contact us today to see how DataGen can help with Bundled Payment Programs and analyzing your data.