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The New Oncology Bundle Model: What We Know and Don’t Know

By: Alyssa Dahl

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It’s always exciting to see new episodic bundling models being considered, as it’s indicative of the industry’s movement towards getting better value out of the healthcare system. It’s also a validation of all the work of early adopters of bundled payment models over the past 5 years. With last week’s announcement of a new oncology bundle, CMS is showing its continued commitment to creating innovative ways of transforming care.

CMS’ announcement wasn’t a surprise—the payer has been vocal that their work in oncology isn’t done yet. However, it has been heartening to see that despite political changes in the administration and the time taken to reevaluate these programs and how they’re being implemented, the play button for bundled payment models has been pressed again.

Here’s what we know so far:

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