DataGen’s Culture of Safety Insights

Get more than survey responses — get culture insights

By themselves, your Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS®) are just surveys. Get the insights you need to do more with your results—continually improve your scores, secure your reputation, and transform your organization.

Get insights for my organization

Visualize your results

Read your results on an interactive dashboard

Year-over-year trending

Track your year-over-year progress

Unlock your survey analytics

Get an actionable report of your scores

Scrambling to survey your hospital every two years just isn’t enough anymore

In the Post-COVID world, your SOPS® scores matter far beyond the Joint Commission and other accrediting organizations compliance.

Not only has public awareness of accreditation grown, but reputations beyond the scores spread quickly in the medical community.

Hospital safety, patient outcomes, and staff confidence affect recruitment and retention.

But when you have Culture of Safety Insights — you have fully actionable data to drive your QI program.

Survey with ease

Results are only worthwhile if your staff can easily submit their feedback. Offer them a survey that is easy to complete and works on mobile or desktop.

Get visuals, not endless Excel rows

When it comes to reporting on your hospital’s progress, you can now bring graphics to your leadership presentation.

Get results you can act on

Survey results don’t have to gather dust on the shelf until leadership can get to them.

Get your qualitative and quantitative survey results analyzed by a team of unbiased SOPS® experts.

See how your hospital measures up

In healthcare, reputation matters. In your dashboard, you’ll see exactly how your organization measures up against the national averages.

Get a better way to survey — Do more with your results

Your safety culture is more than just a set of survey results.
Get better insights, improve your scores and
transform your organization.

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