Advanced Alternative Payment Models

You can get so much more out of your CMS value-based program

Enrolled in a Medicare value-based care program? Your team doesn’t have to navigate it alone or be exhaustive experts — even if you’re in charge of the program.

Instead, let a comprehensive analytics program do it for you — and get dedicated program experts assigned to your team.

Case experts for your team

Get a dedicated team that knows all the ins and outs of your program’s policy and data.

Macrodata to microdata

Get insights about your entire population of patients or drill down to individual patient cases and incidents.

Analytics you can read and present

Make better decisions with easy-to-digest visualizations.

Decision-driving insight is locked inside your raw data

Whether you’re considering enrollment in voluntary programs like BPCI Advanced or you’re currently in a mandatory program like CJR, there’s more you — and your patients — can get out of it.

With DataGen, you get comprehensive analysis of all levels of your patient data and policy experts to guide you.

Improve your patient outcomes and financial strategy, create more efficiency in your care and get the most out of the programs you’ve enrolled in.

Meet your targets with on-hand experts

When your team is sent a 90-page program specification document, it’s no wonder you’re left with questions.

DataGen gives you direct access to a team of data and policy experts with answers.

Get the guidance — and confidence — to navigate your approach to patient risk within the program’s payment methodology to hit your targets.

Meet my targets

Zoom out — or drill all the way down

The days of cumbersome, manual and siloed analysis are over.

DataGen’s advanced platform enables you to create visualizations to discuss trends with your leadership or empower your nurse navigators and physicians to drill down to individual patient information — all from the same dashboard.

Visualize my data

Transform your raw data

Leave behind long hours of spreadsheet analysis and formula calculations.

Instead, let DataGen transform your patient data into usable and actionable insights.

Get graphical visualizations to help your leadership make informed decisions and meaningful change.

Transform my data

Turn your data into insights —
for these CMS programs:

BPCI Advanced

(Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced)

With DataGen’s BPCI Advanced platform:

  • Analyze episode targets in real time — without waiting for CMS reconciliation.
  • Identify episode spend patterns and trends by stratifiers such as service line, provider and physician.
  • Better assess your first post-acute care usage to identify spending targets.

Learn more about BPCI Advanced


(Enhancing Oncology Model)

With DataGen’s EOM platform:

  • Understand the top financial drivers across all episodes, including drug utilization.
  • Analyze key aspects of your end-of-life care, including hospice and inpatient service utilization.
  • Compare episode volumes and key metrics about your patient population across different cancer types.

Learn more about EOM


(Accountable Care Organization)

Get an accurate look at how trends, volume and risk affect your patient care.

With DataGen’s ACO platform you can:

  • Identify opportunities to reduce Medicare spending and hit your healthcare delivery goals.
  • Discover the patterns of how patients access your care and the trends of patient risk profiles.
  • Examine drivers related to post-acute care, admissions and end-of-life care.

Learn more about ACO


(Kidney Care Choices)

Be informed on your trends, volume and financial performance.

With DataGen’s KCC platform:

  • Monitor patient disease status and utilization patterns over time.
  • Evaluate chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease expenditures by time, setting and physician.
  • Assess how care interventions impact your goals.

Learn more about KCC


(Primary Care First)

Gain insight into your patient population with sophisticated analytics.

With DataGen’s PCF analytics:

  • Track PCF program revenue, care interventions and claim-based quality measures.
  • Discover the patterns of how patients access care outside of your network.
  • Identify leakage by beneficiary, practitioner and location.

Learn more about PCF


(Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement)

With more mandatory programs like CJR potentially on the way, give your organization a competitive edge with enhanced analytics.

With DataGen’s CJR platform:

  • Get advanced performance metrics on anchor hospitals, post-acute care providers and physicians.
  • Analyze and compare the financial composition of each of your episodes to identify outliers and patterns of care.
  • Uncover savings and improvement opportunities with financial and quality metrics.

Learn more about CJR

Transform your data into decision-shaping insights

Optimize your care to serve your organization’s financial benchmarks AND improve the quality of care you deliver.

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