Payment Modeling and Analytics

When it comes to new payment reform initiatives, understanding your opportunities and risks is foundational. Are episode payment initiatives the right path for your organization? If so, how can you maximize your success? DataGen provides key insight and analysis to help hospitals, health systems, post-acute providers, and other healthcare providers evaluate new programs and monitor how effectively their strategies are working to ensure financial stability and growth.

Our episode payment modeling solutions include:


Bundled payment evaluation:

If you are considering entering a bundled payment arrangement—or are a part of one but lack effective data—you need to discuss and develop plans to succeed. We help our clients look at care patterns to evaluate the risk and opportunity associated with participation in bundled payment programs.

Bundled payment monitoring:

Knowing how to effectively manage your data—and make it usable and actionable—is a stumbling point for many organizations. DataGen’s analytics-based monitoring service enables clients to evaluate performance, assess strategies, and make necessary adjustments to ensure that participation in bundled payment programs is having a positive fiscal impact.



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