Understanding payment changes to strengthen the bottom line

In this era of reform and rapid change, it is critical for healthcare providers to understand data to stay financially secure while providing quality patient care. DataGen is an essential partner to healthcare organizations across the country. For almost 20 years, we have been helping our clients understand payment policy changes and how those changes impact revenue, profitability, and quality of care delivered.

We simplify the complexities of healthcare payment change through services in the following areas:

Payment Modeling and Analytics

When it comes to new payment reform initiatives, understanding your opportunities and risks is foundational. Are episode payment initiatives the right path for your organization?

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Quality Analytics and Modeling

Quality measurement is an integral part of providing patient care. Success depends on your ability to meet quality metrics, reduce cost, and increase patient satisfaction.

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Customized Analytics

Leveraging the strength of our policy experts and our knowledge of multiple state and federal databases, we offer tailored analyses that help you build strategies to act quickly and effectively.

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Medicare Payment Policy Analysis

Medicare policies are rapidly changing. Our experts provide insight and analytics to guide advocacy and inform strategy.

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