Chartis Forms Strategic Alliance with DataGen

October 31, 2023 (Chicago, IL)—Chartis, a comprehensive healthcare advisory firm, has formed a strategic alliance with DataGen to complete health equity impact assessments as required by the New York State Department of Health. DataGen offers analytical insights to healthcare organizations focusing on payment policy changes, value-based programs, and market dynamics.

This collaboration with DataGen, a subsidiary of the Healthcare Association of New York State, will support Chartis’ data analytics capabilities for the State’s Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) requirement for Certificate of Need (CON) work to be completed. DataGen has experience with collecting and analyzing data from healthcare providers across the state and is skilled at working with the required datasets to fulfill the analytic sections of the HEIA.

“This alliance strengthens our ability to deliver best-in-class qualitative and quantitative insights to understand health equity impact on vulnerable populations,” said Duane Reynolds, Chartis Chief Health Equity Officer and President of the Chartis Center for Health Equity & Belonging. “As Chartis continues to support healthcare organizations with their HEIA requirements, working closely with DataGen enables us to leverage their expertise in data analytics and ours in health equity and healthcare operations."

“This collaboration is a resource for hospitals in New York,” said Al Campanella, President of DataGen. “Chartis’ reputation as a leading provider of health equity and belonging consulting services, combined with our capabilities in quantitative data and analytics insights, will help New York’s health providers harness comprehensive demographic and market data to remain compliant with state legislation.”

About Chartis

Chartis is a comprehensive healthcare advisory firm dedicated to helping clients build a healthier world. We work across the healthcare continuum with more than 600 clients annually, including providers, payers, health services organizations, technology and retail companies, and investors. Through times of change, challenge, and opportunity, we advise the industry on how to navigate disruption, pursue growth, achieve financial sustainability, unleash technology, improve care models and operations, enhance clinical quality and safety, and advance health equity. The teams we convene bring deep industry expertise and industry-leading innovation, enabling clients to achieve transformational results and create positive societal impact. Health equity and belonging have become focal points for our firm, as we continue to guide clients through healthcare transformation. We are committed to helping build a healthcare system that is equitable, fair, and dedicated to serving all people and all communities—creating a healthier world for all of us. Learn more.

About DataGen

DataGen offers analytical insights to healthcare organizations, focusing on payment policy changes, value-based programs and market dynamics. Its product portfolio includes impact reports that address annual and ad hoc changes to Medicare’s fee-for-service programs, performance measures within Medicare’s innovation and value-based programs, custom analytics to evaluate financial and quality outcomes within any payer scenario and applications to track legislative changes and support culture of safety and community outreach programs. DataGen’s customers rely on its analytical expertise as they strive to improve quality, outcomes and financial performance. For more information, follow DataGen on LinkedIn or visit