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Oncology Care Model Practices Await CMS Report Cards

By: Alyssa Dahl, MPH, CPH

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Very soon, CMS will release the first performance period one (PP1) true-up and PP2 initial reconciliation results for the Oncology Care Model (OCM). These performance results are eagerly awaited by the 181 oncology practices who have participated in the experimental cost and quality program since 2016. Because this bundled payment model is set up very differently from others that have come before it, we’re keeping our eye on some unique data components.

PP1 True-Up 1

OCM’s first performance period initial reconciliation encompassed episode claims data as of 2 months after the end of the first performance period. For this true-up about to be released, 6 additional months have elapsed, which allows for more complete claims information. Participants who earned a performance-based bonus payment (PBP) in the initial reconciliation will, hopefully, retain their high level of performance, but there is a possibility that positive results could shift backwards. For practices that during PP1 were close to earning a PBP but didn’t make the cut, it’s possible—though entirely speculative—that some of the adjustments recently made to the OCM methodology will help them make it over the line.

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