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The Oncology Care Model: What to Expect in the First Data Feed

By: Kelly Price & Alyssa Dahl

ajmc logo oncology care modelThe Oncology Care Model (OCM) is a 5-year alternative payment model (APM) for oncology practices and independent practitioners that began on July 1, 2016. Participants, whose episode cycles run for 6 months, will receive their first performance data feed from the CMS by the end of March.

When the program began last year, we helped our clients visualize their baseline data in order to analyze, identify, and build out their strategies. However, participants should be ready to reassess and modify their approaches after this first data feed.

Shifting viewpoints and reassessing strategies
The perspective that participants had in the first 6 months of OCM is going to shift with this new information. Whereas the baseline data were entirely retrospective, thes performance data will reflect that participants were in the process of deploying OCM practice transformation requirements across the course of the episodes. We expect this first data feed will allow participants to make more connections with the data and will help them understand their information differently.

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