BPCI Advanced: Three things to remember about applying to BPCI Advanced

DATE: February 26, 2018

The deadline for applications to BPCI Advanced is fast approaching. Between now and March 12, what can you do to learn and prepare? Here are three things to remember:

  1. Request all of your data. Include Raw Historical Claims Data with your request to effectively evaluate patterns and assess opportunities.
  2. Submit multiple applications. Since there is no limit, we recommend keeping your options open:
    • Convener/Non-Convener – Submit separate applications as a convener participant and non-convener participant so you have the option to participate either way.
    • Multiple PGPs/Hospitals or Individual – Submit separate applications for each scenario if your organization is not sure if it wants to act as a convener for its multiple PGPs/hospitals or to participate individually.
    • Individual PGP Evaluations – As a convener organization, if you want each PGP group to be evaluated individually for QP status under Advanced APM scoring, you must submit individual PGP applications, otherwise all PGPs will be evaluated as a whole.
    • Acute Care Hospital Physicians – Clinicians under acute care hospital participants will be assessed individually for QP status. If you are an acute care hospital with a combination of PGPs and hospital employed physicians you need to evaluate which scenario(s) will be most advantageous for your physicians to meet QP status.
  3. An application is not an obligation to participate. The decision to participate will not be finalized until August of 2018.

For more information on BPCI Advanced, contact us and take a look at our recent blog, “10 Things to Know about the New BPCI Advanced Program.”