ICYMI: Notes from the field for April 2020

DATE: May 1, 2020

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 was far and away the dominant topic of the month in healthcare. As the pandemic continues, more news and updates from CMS, HHS and Congress have begun to shed light on how healthcare policy will be impacted going forward.

 The continuing COVID-19 crisis

Value-based care updates

  •  While bundled payments benefit insurers and patients, do they offer the same for those providing care? Some research models show that financial uncertainties have made some healthcare providers hesitant about signing on for bundled payment plans.
  • Oncology practices are facing particularly unique circumstances, as they need to continue to provide life-saving treatments to their patients in a time when the healthcare system’s focus is on fighting the pandemic. Due to lack of resources and the financial impacts of the pandemic, CMS is demonstrating flexibility to help cancer centers provide the care they need.