BPCI Advanced: 4 strategies for BPCI Advanced success

DATE: 05/28/2019

Setting your organization up for success

Now that Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced model year 3 has begun, new and returning participants are actively preparing themselves for success in the program. That success can be a daunting proposition—choosing the right episode types, knowing your average episode costs, and getting the right kind of buy-in across the organization are critical.

We’ve assembled four key strategies that can help set up any organization for BPCI-A success.

1. Find and empower a program champion.

You must have a key leader or stakeholder who supports, encourages, motivates and drives bundled payment success. The return on investment of BPCI-A can be a long time coming, so having someone who can bring attention to small victories along the way can help providers and leadership see the incremental value, while keeping their eyes on the horizon for the bigger successes.

2. Get buy-in from leadership across the organization.

A strong commitment to the program from leadership across the organization is perhaps the most important factor for success. That means that stakeholders must be willing to do the hard work to improve care coordination, identify a preferred network and manage the process through completion. Lacking a real commitment to team-based success can be a sure-fire way to lose control of your ability to thrive in BPCI-A.

3. Build effective infrastructure for staff and data.

Success in BPCI-A demands having effective technical, clinical and organizational infrastructure in place. If it’s not already there, now is the time to start building the right infrastructure to thrive in value-based initiatives.

4. Embed the program’s goals in the culture.

The entire care team needs to understand that what they’re doing contributes to better health outcomes while creating a stronger healthcare organization. By embedding that mission and mindset into the culture, organizations can ensure that staff across the organization understand the tangible and intangible value that bundled programs can offer.

Beyond finances

The benefits of participation in a bundled program extend beyond finances. These programs are designed to transform the healthcare delivery system and enable organizations to provide high-quality, high-value care. If you have questions about how best to prepare to thrive in BPCI-A, reach out to us today.


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