Accountable Care Organizations —What you need to know

As we emerge from a global pandemic, accountable care organizations must act now to maintain progress.

Analytics are key for ACOs to understand the impact of COVID as well as new healthcare trends to adapt new strategies to address rising trends that include shifts in patient volume, virtual care, service utilization, payment reform, health inequities, and more.

Strategies for Value-Based Care

DataGen can help organizations looking to get ahead and leverage data to understand the impact of new healthcare trends and adapt key strategies to assess level of risk and drive improvement within patient populations and service lines.

Evaluate the impact of ACO models

We offer ACO model insights and analysis to help hospitals, health systems, post-acute care providers, and other healthcare providers evaluate ACO models.

Identify trends across the continuum of care

We offer actionable insights and analysis of changes to Medicare and commercial programs to help organizations understand their level of risk and deliver quality care to beneficiaries across the care continuum.

Quantify impact and performance

We provide interactive reporting around quality metrics and performance to help your organization drive quality improvements and investigate deviations from the care plan.

Access custom analytics to drive targeted improvement

We also offer customized analytics expertise around population health analytics, market penetration of specific healthcare services, health outcomes research, social determinants of health, and more.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn about top trends providers can address now through data-driven ACO strategies. 

We will host a panel discussion with three forward-thinking ACO healthcare leaders on July 28.

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DataGen ACO Thought Leadership

DataGen’s thought leadership spans white papers, blogs, and third party publications. Read more on how DataGen can help organizations looking to get ahead leverage data to understand the impact of new healthcare trends, and how to successfully drive improvements for their patient cohorts and service lines.

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