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4 steps to participate in BPCI Advanced & what to expect

By: Megan Wood

DataGen was recently featured in Becker’s Spine Review.


CMS revealed its new voluntary episode model, Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced, set to start Oct. 1.

Darcie Hurteau, senior director at Rensselaer, N.Y.-based healthcare data analytics and policy firm DataGen, offers insight into what participants can expect under BPCI Advanced as well as what the future holds for bundled payments.

Question: What should providers keep in mind after applying to BPCI Advanced?

Ms. Darcie Hurteau: The deadline for applying to BPCI Advanced is March 12. Practices that want to participate in BPCI Advanced should have completed some important first steps at this point:

• Evaluate your risks and opportunities.
• Assess the strategic buy-in from the rest of your organization’s stakeholders.
• Request your data from CMS (this doesn’t obligate you to participate).
• Submit multiple applications to keep your options open, depending on any scenarios you are considering as a convener or non-convener.

The decision to participate — for which episodes and under what type of organization — will be finalized with a participation agreement due in August 2018.

Q: What should providers look for in their data after they receive it from CMS?


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