Accountable care models incentivize coordinated, high-quality care that avoids unnecessary duplication of services.

The Medicare Shared Savings Program, one of Medicare’s largest alternative payment models, allows providers and suppliers to form Accountable Care Organizations. Different risk tracks are available for ACOs to choose from, depending on the composition and experience of an organization.

Program goals

The Medicare Shared Savings Program aims to:

  • promote accountability for the patient population;
  • coordinate healthcare services for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries; and
  • encourage investment in high quality and efficient services.


Launched in 2012 with new program structure introduced in the December 2018 final rule, MSSP now offers participants a glide path to increase the level of risk as they mature in the program. As of performance year 2021, there were 477 MSSP ACOs providing care to nearly 11 million Medicare FFS beneficiaries.

ACO Information Sheet

How we can help

Analytics are key to understanding the impact of change including shifts in patient volume, virtual care, service utilization, payment reform and health inequities. We help organizations get ahead — leveraging data to understand the impact of healthcare trends, assess risk and drive improvement.

Our ACO dashboard allows practices to:

  • identify opportunities to reduce Medicare spending and improve healthcare delivery;
  • understand patterns of healthcare utilization and outcomes in your aligned beneficiary population by patient risk profile;
  • examine drivers related to post-acute care, readmissions and end-of-life care; and
  • monitor the impact of care interventions towards meeting your goals.

We offer

  • Performance Period Monitoring for Alternate Payment Models

    We work with providers across the country participating in alternative payment models. DataGen provides key insight and consultation to help hospitals, health systems, post-acute and other healthcare providers evaluate new programs and monitor how effectively their strategies are working to ensure financial stability and high quality care.

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