DataGen 2018 Year in Review

DATE: December 27, 2018

BPCI-A, OCM, and more: A year of insight

2018 saw a number of changes, advances, and shifts in policy around alternative payment models. Throughout the year, DataGen offered our commentary and insight on the impact these issues would have for stakeholders across the country.

In case you missed it, here’s what we had to say on some of the major bundled payment topics in 2018:



Awaiting the official CMS announcement, DataGen’s policy experts (along with some of our colleagues) are ready with advice and insight on what the change might mean.



This was a year for taking a look at lessons learned from OCM, and building better strategies for success, as we detail in these articles.



The announcement of this program had potential participants wondering: Is this going to be right for me? We shed some light and set expectations for what the program has to offer.


CMS proposed changes and updates to a variety of its programs this year—we assessed their potential impact on hospitals across the country.


We’re looking forward to what 2019 has to offer in healthcare payment policy. How have you managed these changes this year, and what is your strategy to stay ahead in 2019?

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