Oncology Care Bundled Payment Services

DataGen currently works with numerous providers across the country participating in the Oncology Care Model. We help organizations understand how to succeed in these programs using two main areas of focus:

Evaluating Bundled Payments

During the evaluation period we work closely with providers to help them understand the construct of the programs, and evaluate their potential opportunities and risks. Using the CMS data from the Medicare Standard Analytic File (SAF) our tool provides early insight into the data, without needing to wait for CMS. In addition to episode details, you gain access to regional and national benchmarks for a more thorough evaluation.

Episode Monitoring

Our web-based episode monitoring tool provides drillable dashboards and detailed reports around episode composition, trends, drug utilization, end of life care, acute admissions and emergency department visits, and other actionable data. By drilling down into claim level data within the tool or exporting data for exploration, this flexibility allows organizations to effectively manage their data.

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