Using predictive analytics to thrive in BPCIA

Meet Tina, a program manager at a large health system participating in BPCIA. She used to worry about being blindsided by an unexpected reconciliation from CMS would leave her system with a financial loss—but no more.

That’s because she’s making use of DataGen’s suite of predictive analytics to help her stay ahead of potential issues. Check out the video to learn more.


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DataGen’s industry-leading analysts have unpacked troves of episodic data to help you learn what kind of participation is right for you.


BPCI Advanced – What You Should Know

Model Year 3 of the BPCI-A program kicked off on January 1, 2020, and as the program matures, participants still face many challenges ranging from understanding provider claims data to identifying patients and defining effective strategies.

In addition, CMS plans to release the reconciliation results of Performance Period 2 soon:

  • The reconciliation results for Performance Period 2 will span Clinical Episodes that start and end between July 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.
  • Reconciliation results are final 30 days after distribution, unless the participant submits a Calculation Error Notice.
  • For every Performance Period, Reconciliation true-ups are conducted six months and one year after initial reconciliation occurs.

We’ve assembled a number of helpful resources to inform and educate current and potential participants on how to use your data to drive effective performance—and cost savings—through the program.

  • evaluate the impact of your BPCI data;
  • target meaningful opportunities for process improvement and cost reduction;
  • measure, monitor and report on quality and performance; and
  • design and implement an actionable, winning strategy.

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Bundled Payment Services

DataGen currently works with numerous providers across the country participating in BPCI, CJR, and OCM models. We help organizations understand how to succeed in these programs using two main areas of focus:

Evaluating Bundled Payments

During the evaluation period we work closely with providers to help them understand the construct of the programs, and evaluate their potential opportunities and risks. Using the CMS baseline data from the Medicare Standard Analytic File (SAF) our tool provides early insight into the data, without needing to wait for CMS. In addition to episode details, you gain access to regional and national benchmarks for a more thorough evaluation.

Episode Monitoring

Our web-based episode monitoring tool provides drillable dashboards and detailed reports around episode composition, trends, post-acute utilization, readmissions and physician comparisons, and other actionable data. By drilling down into claim level data within the tool or exporting data for exploration, this flexibility allows organizations to effectively manage their data.

BPCI Advanced Thought Leadership

DataGen's thought leadership spans white papers, blogs, and third party publications. Read more about how BPCI Advanced and other bundled payment initiatives can affect healthcare organizations.

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